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SOMAVOX, the Body’s Voice, is a dance performance group that incorporates the butoh aesthetic into the performance of modern, contemporary dance. SOMAVOX was born of the collaboration between a group of artists, dancers, musicians, and the underground party scenes of 2000 in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Hawaii. It has been a revolving door of performers interested in playing the edges between dance and performance art including collaborations with performing artists such as Dream Circus Theater and the “I AM” parties, and San Francisco’s Mystic family Circus.

One of the founding members and choreographers of SOMAVOX, who performs under the name Malia Ma, was also a longtime member of Hawaii’s Iona Contemporary Dance since 1990. She studied choreography and performance at the Five College Dance Program in Amherst, Massachusetts, where she received a BA in Dance. Subsequently, she received her certificate in Laban Movement Analysis from University of Washington, and later ruined all semblance of dance technique when she became mesmerized with the art form of butoh, born out of the artistic and cultural revolt of post-world war II Japan.

The performers Desiree Castro, Monilade Walker, and Yuki Hayashi Hammel are all seasoned dancers with exquisite performance skills culled from various techniques in modern, ballet, jazz, contemporary. They come together out of a shared interest in dance, butoh, performance art and electronic dance music scenes. As a group, SOMAVOX creates dance for living, underground communities, and brings their aesthetic and cultural orientation to light at out of the ordinary performance spaces, venues and events.

In tonight’s performance, the dancers work with more structured improvisation than choreography. The improv is intentional to allow the dancers to dig deeply into their psyches developing characters and a story out of the effects of isolation on women. Butoh allows psychological perversion with spatial awareness and interaction with other dancers, live and in the moment….

Catch SOMAVOX perform tonight at 10:45pm here >>> FUTRA PRESENTS COSMIN TRG

806 E. Colorado Street
Glendale, CA 91205
21+ // $10 PRE-SALES