Natology’s PSEUDO & MORPH

By futra / June, 22, 2014 / 0 comments

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FUTRA teams up with NATOLOGY to present a mystical visual art experience for all to enjoy. This multi-media performance will commence at 11PM at Futra presents Doubt (live) on June 26th at Complex in Los Angeles. Pseudo & Morph is curated by Natology and features Jos McKain’s art performance ‘Oxidation’ with visuals by video artist Lindsay Scoggins. Pseudo & Morph is a meditative performance on the devolution of the human body and its ability to shift into an amorphous state. This meditation is intended to diffuse gender pairing, silhouetting a nude male (McKain) and juxtaposing him against Scoggins’ signature video work. The ideas center on replication as a form of evolution, both intellectually and socially.

First the art becomes you, and then you become the art.


Natology is the vessel in which curator and art dealer Nathaly Charria uses to exercise her creative practices. Inspired by creative movements and a talented network of artists, Natology merges new mediums and avenues to expand the scope and reach of creators. Through innovative and specialized branding, Natology curates and progressively defines the art experience. With ten-years experience in curatorial and event production, Nathaly has worked with galleries, museums, international art fairs, alongside world-renowned artists and brands to bring large-scale ideas and experiences to a worldwide audience.


Jos McKain is a classically trained and self-taught dance maker and performance artist. He approaches performances as a shamanic ritual where the heightened state of performance acts as a trance-like state. His work reflects formative years spent on an Indian Reservation and training the classical East Indian Kathak. Since then his practice includes Dunham Technique, West African forms, yoga, Tai Chi, and extensive training in modern. McKain has curated shows for Machine Project, Highways Performance Space, and EDC. His venue credits include Carnegie Hall, MOMA PS1, LACMA, and MOMA and he’s appeared in work by Ryan Heffington, WIFE, Mariana Abramovic, Scott Benzel, Daft Punk, and Mike Kelley.


Lindsay Scoggins is a LA multimedia artist, filmmaker, and pioneer in YouTube video art. Influenced by a classical musical education, her interests in new media developed through her infatuation with audio’s essential functions in cinema. Scoggins’ began working with video installation, using YouTube as an online gallery and soon began to attract millions of viewers. In 2010, she was chosen as a finalist for Guggenheim’s YouTube play: A Biennial of Creative Video. As a result, she’s exhibited at the Guggenheim in NYC, Venice, Bilbao, and Berlin.