MIA / Machine Inspired Art

By futra / January, 29, 2014 / 0 comments


Machine Inspired Art (MIA) is one literal manifestation of technology within the creative process. MIA explores the influence and utilization of machines, computation and automation on creativity and self-expression regardless of scale, medium or specific discipline. The aim of this studio and gallery is to explore the role and application of technology, in specific computational technology, within the creative process. In this context art is not defined as a product, but rather an intention. Here the word art is not a noun but rather a verb. Here art is seen as a process rather than a product.

This piece titled “Torso” is created with electroluminescent wires inlaid into plexiglass. The pattern for the groove was computer generated from a 3d model utilizing a variety of different software and translated into 2D, while still maintaining its original three dimensional appearance. This piece was produced in collaboration with Sho Ikuta and Gerardo Morena and will be on display at the FUTRA TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY.