Kate Parsons / FLOAT

By futra / August, 3, 2016 / 0 comments


Kate Parsons will be exhibiting “3VR” at FUTRA presents OP ART, with her collaborator Ben Vance, under their FLOAT moniker. 3VR is a new virtual reality project designed for the HTC Vive, allowing for room-scale exploration.

3VR is both Visual Music and Optical Illusion, but within the context of virtual reality. Like all AV experiences, 3VR owes its history to the pioneers of visual music, people such as Oskar Fischinger and Jordan Belson. This influence is found in contemporary music videos and other forms of audio visualizations. It also refers to older media such as Magic Lantern slides and performances.

3VR places priority on affective and emotional response. Most of us understand there can be an added value, something magical, with just the right combination of music and image. The work often lives in this realm, and is found in galleries, performances… and in your eyes and ears. 3VR also pulls from the notion of synesthesia and the inspired words of Kandinsky. He believed in a new, spiritual art that consisted of three elements: “Musical movement, pictorial movement, physical movement, and these three, properly combined, make up the spiritual movement, which is the working of the inner harmony.”


Kate’s video piece “Orb & Sphere” is a result of her live cinema and VJ practice, which bring together the analog and digital processes to create inspired and abstract videos.


Kate Parsons is a video artist and educator living in Los Angeles. She obtained her M.F.A. in Media Arts from UCLA in June of 2015, and completed her M.A. in Digital Art and Video in May of 2013. She also holds a B.F.A. in Fine Art and Graphic Design. Much of Kate’s practice involves the marriage of the visual and the aural, working with musicians and dancers to create inventive audio-visual experiences.

Kate and Ben’s collaborative efforts are created under the moniker FLOAT. They work with musicians and other artists to create immersive environments and artwork, pulling from a range of influences from avant garde film, visual music, games, and music videos. They are currently working with Daedelus, Baths, RYAT, Slugabed, Mast, Kron, and Angela Seo, (aka Hyunhye) of Xiu Xiu.