Kadet Kuhne

By futra / August, 10, 2018 / 0 comments

Sheer staccatos and meditative tensions evolve with a sense of liberation in Kadet Kuhne’s lenticular prints and digital pairings, and offer a glimpse into her Null Extension and Radial Suspension.

Inspired by the sound theory concepts of null and vast extension, and the architecture of sound waves generated from rope stretching samples, these works delve into the spatial confinement of subjective perception. The line between subject and viewer, inescapability and endurance, limitations and potentiality, is stretched and pushed beyond comfort. Despite the structures that define and confine us, through altered states achieved in moments of suspension of time and space, our bodies can become a site of liberation and transcendence. In these immersive works on view at FUTRA presents KINETIC August 11th & 12th, the traveling viewpoint of the individual experience, contrasted with infinite expansion, allows an unraveling of monolithic understanding toward the process of becoming.

Kadet Kuhne is an Oakland-based visual and sound artist, and has presented at select venues such as the Museum of Art Lucerne, de Young Museum, MOCA, Contemporary Art Center Villa Arson, and Antimatter Film Festival.