Joseph Salerno

By futra / August, 1, 2018 / 0 comments

Joseph Salerno ( j_s_design ) is a sculptor based in Los Angeles. After his time in Detroit working as a graphic designer and curator for a local artist network, he moved to LA to be a full time artist. While he is not bound to any particular medium, his current focus is concrete.

In this stabile series, the elements of each work are part of a greater whole, but are only tethered to one another by the weight of gravity. The artist projects the relationships between romantically involved people through a prism of industrial matter. A fine and fragile connection between a sturdy concrete base and an elegant and seemingly weightless top visually recreates a gentle balance in the relationships of two people, genuinely connected by mutual love and respect. Yet, these two elements can easily become disconnected, just as may happen in the human relationships these stabiles represent, when a person chooses what is most important and most valuable in their own lives and let the wind carry away what doesn’t work together.

Joseph Selerno’s concrete series will be on view at FUTRA presents KINETIC August 11 & 12.