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Tara LaPlante and Joana Perez are disrupting the Los Angeles music and art scene with their record label and collective group Futra. On Saturday, December 8th Futra will celebrate their ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, where their passion for showcasing artists, fusing EDM genres and bringing people together to explore the dance floor will be at an all time high.

To mark the special occasion, Futra is planning to mix things up by moving to a new type of venue. The overall mood and location will be a much different feel as they make a departure from the typical club scene and move into a more creative location. Music and art-wise the sound and feel will be familiar to event goers. As a special thanks to the Futra community for their support there will be an open bar from 8-10PM. The RSVP with $10 entry and location details closes at 5PM on Saturday. RSVP HERE

Futra differentiated themselves early on by focusing on dance music styles that fuse genres together. It sounds like a relatively simple concept, but at the time the style was not being fully explored in the LA area. If a sound wasn’t exactly techno, house, dubstep, garage – or anything definitive for that matter, Futra was interested. With this philosophy as a guide, LaPlante and Perez exploded onto the scene, creating a label and a space where all artists could showcase their work and collaborate to co-create a bigger artistic experience. According to LaPlante “I think having a music label as a foundation for events is important in giving the label national and international attention and to keep it moving forward. There are a ton of dance labels continuing to pop up and I find this very inspiring.” In their first year alone, Futra released two EP’s and have three more releases scheduled for 2013.

The Futra crew itself is truly a collective. Resident DJs, installation artists, fine artists, jewelry makers, designers and art advocates make up the groups core members of Futra. The resident DJ crew includes EEZIR, Knyphy, Dazz Moov, Ricky Def, Tim Parker, and DLX. Local guest artists are also a main feature, to name a few recent acts – Samo Sound Boy, Raiz, Kuru, Modesty, WMX, Derek Michael, and Don Froth. Futra also launched a podcast series with all of the resident artists listed above plus Soviet Panda, Leslie Dugger, Mike Gervais and Aaron Shinn and brought headliners such as DVS1, 2562, Addison Groove, Doc Daneeka, Distal, Grenier, Salva, ASC, Jimmy Edgar, and XI.

At a techno camp out a few years ago in the midwest, LaPlante was introduced to some of the artists from the LA-based Droid Behavior label. This meeting inspired a visit out to LA to reconnect with her newly found friends. Then, just one year after visiting she moved to LA – so inspired by the city and the music community. That same year, the seeds of Futra were planted as many more dance music genres came to her attention. The concept for Futra came together with LaPlante and her partner Drew Best who runs the dubstep label, SMOG out of LA. With LaPlante’s background in techno and Best’s in dubstep – establishing a new label for the unexplored space was a natural transition. The name Futra is from two words Future and Retro, combined and tweaked by Best and LaPlante until they found and settled on Futra.

Tara LaPlante, founder of the label, says Futra’s vision is “a fusion of dance music, we try to keep things as varied and as fresh as possible, while providing a great dance vibe people can count on. The visual artists, performers and designers are also a very big part of our shows.”

For Creative Director Joana Perez, the main goal [of Futra] is to bring awareness of art to music lovers, and music to art lovers. “It all goes hand in hand. Futra is really about creating a platform for artists to be exposed. I want to give them an open canvas to create. When I work with a specific artist I want them to have complete freedom to present their vision without conforming to someone else’s. I never want to regulate or filter someone else’s creativity… to me, it completely defeats the purpose of being an artist.” Perez is definitely on to something – in the last year Futra has ballooned in size, attracting all sorts of talent to support the label. Perez is responsible for creating the visual experience for the label and events. Driving a multimedia brand experience isn’t easy, but Perez keeps crowds engaged in the music and visual environment – whether it be performance art, film, installation, fashion, or all of the above. This blend of media is what makes Futra events unique. Both LaPlante and Perez devote their time to curating an environment that perfectly connects the sound with the sensory to provide an all encompassing experience for those who attend.

The growing Futra network has created a great resource for the art community in LA. Perez has been encouraged by the number of individuals hearing of Futra and reaching out to collaborate. “Lately I have a lot of artists contacting me wanting to get involved and be a part of what we are creating. It’s been very rewarding to see what we have built so far. What I love the most is when I find artists who are also connected to the electronic music scene or even if they don’t listen to the music have at least an appreciation for it. To be able to combine these two worlds is what Futra all about so these finds are specifically on point for me. The other side of this is fun too when I get to expose an artist to electronic music…something they wouldn’t usually find themselves surrounded by. Art comes in many forms. I have an appreciation for it all.”

The anniversary this weekend is going to be a huge celebration and an event not to be missed. Meet friends and family of the Futra crew and enjoy an evening of art, music and late night dancing. Futra is providing a platform that defines mixed media in the 21st century, always fresh, innovative and interactive for the crowd. Encapsulating the Futra experience Perez says “We dig things that are a little off the wall and out there…something to open people’s eyes up to things they might not experience anywhere else.”