Futra Podcast 23 – Doubt

By futra / June, 24, 2014 / 0 comments


Futra Podcast 23 by Doubt was recorded live on 6.22.14 at Communion in Minneapolis. Going strong for eight years this Sunday weekly day party runs hard all summer long and is a hotspot and loved by the dance music community. As a Communion resident, playing nearly every week in the indoor Blue Room, this podcast is his debut set on the patio. Sit back and enjoy the summer vibes.

Doubt is the new alias of a Minneapolis underground veteran who has earned a reputation among aficionados of electronic music as one of the most inspired, engaging, and entertaining artists of his time. A true musician’s musician, he routinely reaches for unconventional elements and seamlessly blends disparate styles to create completely unique sonic experiences, which hit all of the right buttons.

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