Futra Podcast 22 – Centrific

By futra / April, 21, 2014 / 0 comments


Centrific aka Steven Seuling is a DJ, promoter, and producer from Minneapolis, MN. He’s been throwing quality techno and house events in Minneapolis for 16 years under the name Intellephunk. The events are dark, atmospheric, and eerie in aesthetic, with special care and attention paid to the sound system. As a DJ Centrific focuses on dance floor techno and house that varies from deep and psychedelic, to hypnotic and stomping, influenced heavily by everything from acid house, Detroit techno, 90’s techno, to minimal. He has a reputation for playing long sets, usually starting during the twilight hours and playing well into the day, but he’s no stranger to rocking the floor at primetime either. The podcast was recorded at a bass music night in Minneapolis called Amplitude. In the last year he’s connected his brand and made friends with many in the dubstep crowd, successfully cross-pollinating and merging the scenes. This edition of Amplitude was a night specifically geared around psychedelic music, thrown by Smilodon who shares Centrific’s love of trippy influenced music. Centrific views the DJ as a modern day, dime store shaman, and feels this mix portrays this theology.

This podcast is only part one of his entire Amplitude set, part two can be found here: CENTRIFIC SOUNDCLOUD