Futra Podcast 21 – Duncan Whiteley

By futra / December, 11, 2013 / 0 comments


Duncan Whiteley is the production guise of Alex Oxley. A music and art project that began in 2006 when he was based in Berlin. Following a dormant period Duncan Whiteley is active once again inspired by his move from London to Los Angeles. Noise, techno, and electronica are prominent influences of his DJ sets and forthcoming record label Reinhardt Tapes, which strives towards these genres as benchmarks.

For his Futra podcast Duncan Whiteley delves into various corners of his record collection. Giving a glimpse of his influences and creating that feeling where time is lost and you are fully locked into the music.


House of Black Lanterns – Broken (Unsubscribe Remix)
Karenn – Clean It Up
DeFekT – Delusional
Illum Sphere – Sleeprunner (Illum Sphere’s Re-run)
Unklone – Tetsuo
Black Asteroid – Black Acid (Alva Noto Remodel)
Akkord – Conveyor
Raw Deal – Headless Horse Rides Again (BLIM Remix)
Pearson Sound – Starburst
Underworld – Moaner
Anthony Naples – Moscato
Clark – New Years Storm
Kit Grill – Velodrome