Futra Podcast 11 – Leslie Dugger

By futra / October, 15, 2012 / 0 comments

Futra Podcast 11 is compiled by Los Angeles based producer Leslie Dugger. Influenced by found sounds, early electronic music pioneers, dance music, the occult, and even jazz, Leslie’s overall sound is quite eclectic. In this podcast he features his own original music and a few tracks by XI (New Kanada, Orca) who will be headlining Futra on October 18th at Los Globos. He highlights other artists from the New Kanada record label including Seuil and The Mole. Coming from a background in underground techno and house, New Kanada has recently switched gears to release a variety of genres.

Hear more music by Leslie Dugger


XI – Immunity [Orca]
Leslie Dugger – Short Ideas
Christopher Rau – That Dam Love (original mix) [Endless Flight]
Seuil – Nine Clouds [New Kanada]
Leslie Dugger – Shadow Boxes
Andrey Zots – Useless [Arma Records]
XI – Antikythera [New Kanada]
Benedikt Frey – Untitled 3 [Ethereal Sound]
DLX – Skylander (Ian Lehman Remix) [Futra]
Christian Burkhardt – Tres [Love Letters from Oslo]
Pancho Pierdra – Display Tu Careta [Adjunct]
Nicolas Jaar – Russian Dolls (Ryan Crosson Remix) [Clown & Sunset]
Akikio Kiyama – Home (Michael Ho remix) [Adjunct Digital]
Priku – B [Arpiar]
The Mole – Dog River [New Kanada]