Futra 002: DLX – Skylander EP with remixes by Mike Gervais and Ian Lehman

By futra / July, 7, 2012 / 8 comments

Hot off the press is Futra 002, crafted by Drew Peterson, aka DLX (Doctor Lazarus X). In 2008, DLX made an international breakthrough with his heavy and spacious track from the SMOG “Matter of Fact” EP, most notably recognized by “Breakage’s Relatively Speaking Remix”. Although Drew is an original member of the Los Angeles SMOG crew, known for their low frequency dubstep basslines, he’ll be releasing original techno and electronica tracks with Futra. He’s not stopping there either, a slew of remixes and originals of varying tempos will soon be rattling bass-bins, proving that he has no limits within genre boundaries.

Supported by: Photek, Ambivalent, DVS1, Dustin Zahn, Audio Injection, SALVA, XI, DISTAL, Andrew Grant, Jon Hester, Noah Pred, Shiftee, Dave Q, Sam Supa, Taal Mala, PAWN, Deco

The EP’s title track SKYLANDER has a striking chord and melody that grab your attention from the start. This is DLX’s first techno production ever, but you would never guess this since he seems to be a natural at creating music in any genre.

Heavy synths, drawn out deep bass lines, and layers of acid sounds make this track unique to DLX and to SKYLANDER. More than being dance floor focused this electronica style track brings you on a journey.

“SKYLANDER (Mike Gervais remix)”
Mike Gervais’ beating techno style is perfectly balanced with contagious and funky rhythms in his first remix for Futra. Mike is no stranger to production, having released music with Truncate, Reloading Records, and From 0-1. With dedication and an urge to redraw the boundaries of his craft, he’s earned a reputation as a hard working and highly technical artist bringing him to the forefront of North American techno. He also runs SYSTEM, one of the hottest techno nights in Minneapolis. Mike Gervais commands your attention with his hard hitting bass lines making this EP very dynamic. This is the warehouse banger of SKYLANDER. Brace yourself!

“SKYLANDER (Ian Lehman remix)”
Deep and slowed down, SKYLANDER closes with Ian Lehman’s take on the original. Ian has been producing EDM since the age of 13, and eventually co-founded Abiotic Recordings in 2001 with Dustin Zahn. Ian continues to make music constantly, producing in a variety of styles including techno, hardcore, and ambient. No matter what genre he’s producing, Ian’s distinguishable dark, dubby, and complex sound is prominent. His depth and texture can surely be felt in this remix. Try not to get lost, as this ambient, cinematic, layered track has a primal grasp that strengthens every second until it completely pulls you in.


Cover Art by JOYCE SU

DLX – Skylander EP with remixes by Mike Gervais and Ian Lehman (preview)




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