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On the Winter Solstice of 2016, we produced a paganism-themed photo shoot titled Echo Mountain. This shoot was conceptualized, directed, and shot by Nereida Villarreal. We’re happy to announce it has been chosen to be in Fondle Magazine Issue 06. From this experience Nereida was inspired to push her ideas further and start a creative agency under the name of Ysidras. This agency is a collective and a parallel brand to Futra, a platform for artists of all disciplines to conceptualize a statement, style, or movement. Offering consulting, branding, and visual design services to artists and companies.

Join us Saturday, April 29th for the Fondle Issue 06 Release Party and to celebrate Ysidras.

In the Echo Mountain Great Spirits come up from the grains of the earth, creating a breathing bouquet of sweet life. Slowly it cools its green veins, before finally disappearing into iced reflections. The Three Kings watch in on the fragile darkness as Mother Earth cradles the cycles with her rejoicing life force and balance.

Three Kings
The story of a bright star and Three Kings in folklore indicates the birth of a god, king, or hero. In Egypt, the Three Kings in the belt of Orion point to Sirius the night before the annual birth of the sun Horus, marking Winter Solstice.

Summer Solstice
On Litha a bonfire is built sending evil spirits away from the land. The Litha ashes retain their fiery power, used as a protective amulet and to feed bountiful life into crops.

Spring Equinox
Ostara is a divinity of the radiating dawn spreading good fortune.  Ostara is a time of balance, the longest day and longest night. Marking the rebirth of nature and return of the God who joins the Maiden bringing new life and fertility to the growing season.

Fall Equinox
Mabon is time to honor the changing seasons. This is a time of gratitude, plenty, and sharing our abundance. The exact moment the balance of dark and light shifts, and the darkness begins to takeover.

Winter Solstice
Yule is the shortest day and longest night, the darkness now turning into light and bringing forward the promise of life. We feast and spread generosity to celebrate the birth of the sun.

Mother Earth
The Goddess Gaia is our creative and nurturing aspects, one who embodies the bounty of the Earth. This personification of nature has deep roots. The first Greek God was the Goddess Gaia. From her womb all life sprang. Mother Earth is always working to maintain wholeness and balance.

Winter Solstice
This image is a still from the black & white video titled “Winter Solstice” shot with VHS by artist Jason Snell documenting Echo Mountain. We will be premiering this video at a later date.

Creative Director, Photographer, Costume Designer: Nereida Villarreal
Costume Designers: Tara LaPlante, Daniel Brent Nieto, Joana Perez
Models: Irena Azovsky, Isabelle Mondelaers, Milena Zasadzien
Videographer: Jason Snell
Editor: Leslie Dugger