Drew Peterson is an electronic musician who produces and performs as DLX (Doctor Lazarus X). Suitably diagnosed as “the mad scientist of drum arrangements”, DLX blends together experimental drum funk with elements of jungle, breakbeat, and early dubstep. In 2007, he made his debut as opener for Kode 9 at one of Pure Filth’s earliest shows, taking place during the freshest days of the West Coast sub-bass movement. Revealing a swift, brain-rattling style that complimented the deep and dark UK dubstep arousing the States at the time, DLX captured an instant West Coast following and landed a spot as a founding SMOG artist. In 2008, DLX made an international breakthrough with his heavy and spacious track from the SMOG “Matter of Fact” EP, most notably recognized by “Breakage’s Relatively Speaking Remix” on the flip side.

His solo debut album Listening to Science (August 2011) marks the first full-length LP featured on SMOG. A precisely scored front-to-back listening experience, the release represents years of solid studio work from DLX. Given its full spectrum of styles, Listening to Science radiates to a wide variety of artists – winning airplay and support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Noah D, Atlantic Connection, and Matty G.

In 2012, DLX released his first EP with Futra. Although DLX is an original member of the SMOG crew, known for their low frequency dubstep basslines, his ‘Sklyander EP’ originals lean heavy towards techno and electronica. He’s not stopping there either, a slew of remixes and originals of varying tempos will soon be rattling bass-bins, proving that he has no limits within genre boundaries.