David Tamargo

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“Align your vision with action”
No Longer Chasing Series 2016
20″ X 30″ Archival Inkjet Print

David Tamargo is a Cuban-American artist whose work serves as a visual journey into situational fantasy. Using landscapes to focus on the formation of identity, Tamargo works in various mediums such as photography, installation, sculpture, performance, jewelry and video – exhibiting internationally as well as curating exhibitions of emerging contemporary art.

David Tamargo will be exhibiting his “No Longer Chasing” series at FUTRA presents OP ART. “Chasing enlightenment is like unlearning object permanence.” Persons depicted within the photographs are merged with physical landscape to reflect a connection with time, space and emotional relationships between each other. Inspiration also came from Laszlo Moholy-Nagy of the Bauhaus school. He taught photographic op art with a subtractive method of removing aspects of composition to show what was behind the physical images to a viewer. Removing the figures and interpreting them with repetition of patterns found in their environment, clothing, and texture warps the figure into a void of information that is similar to more traditional op art designs. This removal of information is one concept he associates strongly with the movement and his interpretation of op art.

No Longer Chasing-000027140016_1
“You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed.”
No Longer Chasing Series
20″ X 30″ Archival Inkjet Print

“We all need someone to reach for us through the darkness”, 2016
No Longer Chasing Series
20″ X 30″ Archival Inkjet Print

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