David Glicksman & Moses Journey

By futra / July, 31, 2018 / 0 comments

For more than a decade, David Glicksman and Moses Journey have worked as motion graphics animators and technologists for major studios and brands. Their practice has incorporated every medium from film and television to game development, live projection mapping, and interactive installations. This experience has taught them to see design and animation as a unifying force, a common thread between otherwise disparate media. It’s also given them a strong desire to escape the flat rectangle known as “the screen”.

As fine artists their work seeks to bridge diverse fields, disciplines, and ideas. They work to blend light, space, music, and emotions in new ways, always striving to challenge and delight while respecting the formal underpinnings of their professional background.

Ad Infinitum is a large-scale kinetic sculpture that explores relationship between infinite structures and discrete elements. Eight large ball bearings roll along the surface of a wall with no visible supports. Driven from the rear by magnets and computer-controlled pulleys, they move as if by magic. Although each ball only rolls on a single axis, as a group they form complex structures and patterns. The individual elements become points in a larger continuum, while synchronized video projection adds a layer of texture and thematic cohesion.

In 2017 a video representation of Ad Infinitum won the Lumen Prize Placemaking Special Commendation. FUTRA presents KINETIC will be its world premiere as a physical installation.