Futra Artist T-Shirt Series II: CS-NAVARRETE x FUTRA

By futra / January, 30, 2014 / 0 comments

Exclusive CS-NAVARRETE x FUTRA Limited Edition Artist T-Shirts


Custom print by WE ARE MASSIV.


Calling his work “Rootsystm”, Los Angeles based CS-Navarrete captures the essence of tree roots hybridized with cultural and mathematical influences ranging from his Peruvian and Mexican ancestry to Golden Section properties. Typically these “Rootsystms” originate from triangular geometry or as he puts it, “la semilla – the seed”, the source of life from which the genetic instructions of plant growth is contained. Akin to seeds controlling the matrix of roots and programming language mandate functions in today’s devices, CS-Navarrete uses a rudimentary system of parameters in his paintings that ensure a consistency in subsequent works. The addition of new rules or aesthetically pleasing mutations incorporated into the language he chooses create variations in the pieces. The bands placement is based on plotted points through a variety of sub-divisions meanwhile the width, balance and secondary branches are a site specific emotional response to the environment. Rootsystms leave us with a cerebral yet visceral aesthetic that will evolve over time as species do while preserving a link to its origins.


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