Alex Pelly

By futra / August, 9, 2016 / 0 comments


Alex Pelly has been creating visuals for a cross-section of LA’s underground for over six years. Her video art blends digital animation with analogue video feedback and VHS processing.

She started working with the internet radio-station and arts non-profit Dublab. Her signature analogue aesthetic began during the years of Top Tape, Dublab’s monthly night at the Hyperion Tavern, where music was mixed live on cassette tapes while Pelly sampled video from VHS. In 2011, she began to develop visuals for synth-pop band ESP, and moved away from sampled imagery, processing her own video footage and experimenting with feedback synthesis.  She continues to develop both these techniques, combining them with animations that she designs digitally and then converts to analog.

Alex Pelly continues to work with Dublab, is a resident visualist at the underground techno party Perpetual Dawn, and creates audio-visual experiences with the improvisational noise duo Telecaves.