A Private Realm

By futra / March, 3, 2015 / 0 comments

apr lp screen print

“The Age of Reason and its industrial, post-modern antecedents are facades obscuring the seething dream world of primeval urges that surfaces only in sleep.”

A Private Realm, which is comprised of LA-based artists James Sinclair and Olivia Arthur, used a variety of old synths, new modulars, noise boxes, voices and drum machines to create their first LP Excommunications & Withdrawal released in early 2015. Musically the work moves from softer ethereal pieces inspired by the likes of This Mortal Coil through to blasts of electronics inspired by the likes of early SPK & the recently departed noise visionary Zbiegniew Karkowski. As lifelong warehouse rats the inevitable thrust of the LP is techno, inspired by the militant sounds of the obvious masters. This was the second release for A Private Realm on their label Tears Of Joy, an outlet for local techno and experimental producers. The first release titled An Omen From No Man’s Land was released in late 2012.

To understand the sound of Tears Of Joy enjoy this megamix including all artists on the label: